croker oars

S7 Series Croker Sculling Oars

$1,235.00 CAD

S7 Sculling Shaft

The S7 series use multiple layers of thin carbon plies at various angles to achieve a balance of strength, stiffness and torsional stiffness.The S7 series use multiple layers of thin carbon plies at various angles to achieve a balance of strength, stiffness and torsional stiffness.

Full carbon shafts are the traditional Croker diameter, but incorporate the materials and techniques now utilised in our Arrow shafts. S7’s have superior torsional resistance compared to the S4 models, but the deflection under load is comparable.

Sculling Blades

Slick Sculling Blade

The Slick sculling blade is normally assembled with a 40mm hook. A smaller blade is available for women and schoolgirls who want a slightly lighter load at the catch. Slick blades areavailable on all shafts.

The Slick blade is now available with closed edges, which improves the blade's durability and overall performance. The Slick blade has no ridgeline so there is less splash at the catch.

The low volume blade enters the water quickly and quietly and floats low in the water. The longitudinal curvature is perpendicular to the tip and so is in line with the flow of water.  It has a constant pitch across the tip and all lines parallel to the tip.The gentle asymmetric curvature of the blade assures a clean release from the water with every stroke.Slick blades are visibly cleaner than other blades. The Slick blade does not exhibit any negative tendencies during recovery or in bad weather.  Since the Slick blades introduction it has been extremely successful at all levels of rowing.
Macon Sculling Blade

The Macon blades are the original blade design. The blade was first manufactured in timber. Although the Macon blade is not used in the racing world anymore, recreational rowers prefer them and they are a good blade for learners. 

The Macon blade is available on all shafts upon request and now comes with closed edges for increased durability and overall performance.

Sculling Handles & Grips

We have designed our sculling handles with comfort and ease of use as our highest priority. Selecting a handle that is correct for you is necessary to achieve the best performance. A handle that is too small will cause trouble in the rough water and may turn in the rowers hand uncontrollably. 

A handle that is too big will fatigue the rower’s forearms and also result in excessive wrist movement feathering the oar. All our sculling handles come fitted with our injection moulded thermoplastic grips. These second generation grips have gained universal acceptance since their release.
From the initial work that we have done there seems to be a strong correlation between hand size (measured from the base of the thumb and the tip of the fingers) and preferred grip size. 

We have collected enough data so that we are now able to print a simple chart relating hand size to grip size for sculling and rowing. This will enable coaches to order the most suitable handles, particularly for school rowers.

Carbon Adjustable Sculling Handles

The carbon handles are available in three sizes: small (26mm black end cap), medium (29mm yellow end cap), and large (32mm white end cap).

Sculling Grips

Our sculling grips are very popular all over the world. They are made from injection moulded thermoplastic elastomer. 

They are ergonomically shaped to fit different hand sizes, the larger the grip the larger the spacing between fingers.

The sculling handles have five grip sizes:

PINK (small)

31mm outside diameter, fits onto the small handle (black end cap)

YELLOW (intermediate)

34mm outside diameter, fits onto the medium handle(yellow end cap)

BLUE (standard)

35mm outside diameter, fits onto the medium handle (yellow end cap)

GREY (large)

37mm outside diameter, fits onto large handle (white end cap)

GREEN (extra-large)

39mm outside diameter, fits onto large handle, no finger spacing (white end cap)


Blade Shape

Description Cost adjustment  
Slick $0
Macon $0


Description Size Handle Cost adjustment  
Pink Small Black End Cap $0
Yellow Intermediate Yellow End Cap $0
Blue Standard Yellow End Cap $0
Grey Large White End Cap $0
Green Extra-Large White End Cap $0

Pair or Individual

Pair or Individual (AUD) Cost adjustment  
Complete $0
Port (only) $-509.775
Starboard $-509.775