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Oar Board™

Oar Board™

$1,296.75 CAD

The Oar Board™ turns a paddle board into a fast, stable, light weight, totally portable sculling boat in less than 5 minutes. A great option for a club offering a range of services, or for maximizing the use of your own equipment.  The Oar Board™ teamed with a pair of Croker oars will get you moving faster than ever before on your stand up paddleboard!

Oars and SUP boards are sold separately.  We recommend using the Croker S6 sculling oars with the Oar Board.


Olympic rowing champion Adam Kreek taking the Oar Board™ for a paddle

Setting up an Oar Board


This sliding rigger system is the perfect way to convert your existing SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) to a single scull rowing boat. With the sliding rigger system, the rower’s weight and center of effort is kept stationary on the fixed seat, meaning the board glides smoothly along without pitching as it will with a sliding seat system where the rower’s weight shifts back and forth as the seat moves along its tracks.

Another unique feature is that the footboard distance is adjustable, meaning it will comfortably fit the shortest to the tallest of rowers.

The basic unit comes complete with no major assembly required. The outriggers and struts are shipped partially assembled and simply bolt into position on the carriage. A coin can be used to hold the bolt while the self-locking nylon wing nuts are tightened by hand. Gated Concept 2 oarlocks are standard. Snap over stainless steel buckle straps are included, ready to fit the unit onto a board and go rowing. Instructions are provided.  

An all-polymer plastic construction on the frame, sliding tracks, seat, and footboards means this product is designed for use in salt or fresh water. Outriggers and strut are in powder-coated, marine-grade aluminum. It’s lightweight and can be easily removed. No board modification required.

The Oar Board™ sliding rigger system is ideal for beginner or experienced rowers, whether it’s a club training program or simply for family fun, exercise or fitness training.  

Weight: 26 lbs 
Pin to Pin: 63” 
Length: 51”




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