croker oars

M4 Croker Rowing Oar Series

$756.00 CAD

M4 Shaft

These shafts are full carbon shafts made using various layers of standard modulus carbon. They achieve a balance of maximum strength and minimum weight.

M4 Soft
Designed for superior crews in eights, fours, and pairs, particularly women and veterans, and other crews at all levels below elite. M4 Soft offers a little more flex in the shaft than the regular M4, and it is well matched to crews with average 2km erg scores slower than 7:00, or for those who desire a slightly more forgiving feel at the catch.  These are most commonly paired with cutaway blades.
M4 Standard

Designed for men’s and women’s crews at a superior elite level. Also suitable for highly competitive collegiate and scholastic men. Crews with average 2km erg scores faster than 6:30 are well matched to the stiffness. There is some selective use by very strong Div. 1 women’s collegiate crews, but only with cutaway blades.


M4 Rowing Blades

Slick Rowing Blade

The Slick rowing blade is normally assembled with a 70mm hook. This provides enough load for the strongest crews but the asymmetric curvature of the blade makes it extremely clean in and out of the water. The blade can be reduced in size for women and schoolgirls.

The Slick rowing blade is available on all shafts. The Slick rowing blade is the latest CAD CAM computer generated design that supersedes all other blade shapes. The Slick blade is moulded with closed edges, which improves the blade's durability and overall performance.The Slick blade has no ridgeline so there is less splash at the catch.Rowing Slick Blade

The low volume blade enters the water quickly and quietly and floats low in the water. The longitudinal curvature is perpendicular to the tip and so is in line with the flow of water. It has a constant pitch across the tip and all lines parallel to the tip.The gentle asymmetric curvature of the blade assures a clean release from the water with every stroke. Slick blades are visibly cleaner than other blades. The Slick blade does not exhibit any negative tendencies during recovery or in bad weather. Since the Slick blades introduction it has been extremely successful at all levels of rowing.

Macon Rowing BladeRowing Macon Blade

The Macon blades are the original blade design. The blade was first manufactured in timber. Although the Macon blade is not used in the racing world, recreational rowers prefer them and they are a good blade for learners. The Macon blade is available on all shafts upon request.


Arrow M4 Handles and Grips

Carbon Adjustable HandlesCarbon Adjustable Handles

The carbon adjustable handle is available in 6 sizes (pink, blue, grey, black, yellow and white end caps).

These handles can also be fitted to our oars as a fixed length handle.

Rowing Grips

Our rowing handles come fitted with a selection of grips. Timber Veneer, Blue Rubber and Heat Shrink.


Timber veneer gripBlue rubber gripHeat Shrink


Blade Shape

Description Cost adjustment  
Slick $0
Macon $0


Description Cost adjustment  
Timber Veneer Grips $0
Blue Rubber Grips $0
Heat Shrink Rubber Grips $0

Carbon Adjustable Handles

Description Detail Notes Cost adjustment  
Pink End Cap Taper from 36-39 mm Ideal for female rowers $0
Blue End Cap Taper from 39-42 mm $0
Grey End Cap Long taper from 42-45 mm $0
Black End Cap Taper from 39-42 mm $0
Yellow End Cap 42 mm straight through $0
White End Cap From 42-45 mm $0

Pair or Individual (AUD)

Description Cost adjustment  
Port $0
Starboard $0
Complete Pair $756

Flex (AUD)

Description Weight Cost adjustment  
Soft 2550 g $0
Standard 2550 g $0